Tips to Prepare for Your PhD Dissertation Defense

How well do know your research project? How well you understand your research project is determined by years of experimentation, results analysis, and a lot of literature review. PhD defense of your dissertation is the culmination of your PhD. Researchers often spend hours and days preparing for their thesis defense. To complete your doctorate you need to overcome the defense obstacle. This may take days, weeks, or even months of practice.
Article by this link will provide you with some useful tips on how to successfully defend your PhD thesis.

What is Dissertation Defense (Dissertation Defense)?
A Dissertation Defense or Thesis Defense is an opportunity for you to defend your research in front of academic professionals that will evaluate your academic work. Thesis defense can be compared to a cross examination, but you should not be afraid of the process.

What are the expectations of committee members?
The dissertation committee that a student chooses is a very important decision. Once you know what committee members expect, it is easier to put together your dissertation committee.

Your dissertation committee’s primary function is to guide and mentor you as you write, revise, and propose your dissertation. The committee members also serve as mentors by providing constructive feedback to your writing, research and revision efforts.

The committee for the dissertation is formed after all academic coursework has been completed. By the time you start your dissertation research you will already be familiar with the members of your dissertation committee. It is ultimately up to you who will serve on your dissertation committee.

Some universities will allow an expert from outside (such as a former professor, academic mentor or other professional) to be a member of your committee. You should choose a professor who is familiar with you and your research.

How do I choose a member of my dissertation committee?
Avoid popular and eminent professor
Select someone you can easily contact and who you are familiar with.
It is best to learn from a faculty member.

Select members of the committee with your future in mind. They can be future mentors and co-authors.
How do I prepare for a Dissertation Defense Defense?
1. Prepare Early

Thesis defence is not an exercise that can be completed in 3 or 6 month. Do not wait until all of your research goals are completed. Prepare well in advance. Make sure that you understand your research objectives and the reasons behind all your experiments.

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2. Attend presentations by other candidates
Attend open presentations of dissertations at your university. You can also attend open presentations of dissertations at other universities. This will firstly help you to realize that thesis defense isn’t a frightening process. Second, you’ll learn how other researchers defend their thesis. You will also learn why Dissertation Defense is important for both the university and the scientific community.

3. Preparing the slides in advance is important
The defense of your dissertation is a more difficult process than submitting the thesis before the deadline. You should start creating the slides as soon as you finish your thesis. Preparing the slides takes more time. Be sure to include the correct data and to rephrase inferences to give your presentation a logical flow.

4. Structure your Presentation

Don’t be hasty when designing your presentation. Spend time creating a well-structured presentation. can also create high-quality slides that will impress the members of the committee. Create slides that will keep your audience interested. Use smart art and accuracy to make better slides.

5. Practice Breathing Techniques
You will see that the speakers are able to speak with great fluency to this. You won’t even notice that they are taking a deep breath. Practice in breathing technique is the only thing that can explain such effortless oratory skills.

Every speaker also knows how to control his or her breath. It is important to take long, steady breaths. Slow down your breathing. You need to practice before this moment.